Business Strategy:


  • Strategic Planning;
  • Project Management – Coordinating work teams for the implementation of strategic action;
  • Support in order to identify business opportunities in different types of industry
  • Institutional relations with the relevant Authorities;
  • Identifying strategic alliances, prospective partners and suppliers for purposes of project development;
  • Financing and PPA (Public &Private Association) mechanisms.

Regulatory Compliance:


  • Preparing the regulatory framework, legal, environmental and operating permitting to be fulfilled in the different phases of a project.
  • Permitting assistance and support;
  • Review and recommendations in relation to environmental and operating regulations;
  • Regulatory updates in relation to the provinces where our clients operate;
  • Review and advice on different issues that could be potentially doubtful in relation to the applicability of legal provisions to a project;
  • Verifying compliance with international frameworks, for example by International Credit Institutions.